Rockathon Cancer Benefit @ Rosemount

Rockathon Cancer Benefit
Review by Leo Abbs
opened the Rockathon Cancer Benefit show with much passion. Criticism came from the fact that the silverchair thing was done in 1994. Lead singer Zakk has become somewhat of a personality on a local music messageboard, so bag this band on the net if you are that bored, but just being on stage him and his band are doing alright so far.

Next was Metholated. Fantastic rock moves but the vocals seemed to change from song to song and they need to find his own style. Other wise it sounds like you are covering bands when you are not. Still enough to make me watch the whole set.

Termus – Catchy songs but the vocals need work. Quite a few people commented on that and the youth of these guys. A lot of hard slog is ahead for this band to progress further…with time on their hands its up to them to accept the challenge or not.

Rezinence – Now the room was full of numetal people calling themselves everything but numetal fans yet this band was one of the best bands on the night and who did the singer remind me of? Korn. Maybe nu metal isnt dead. I heard nice comments from some important people outside.

What i saw of Waeco was impressive but need work on the vocals. Aural fatigue kicked in after that so I made the most of the beer garden.

From outside I heard the strains of another band starting. An impressive sounding vocalist brought me inside. The band? Sleeper X? Add powerful lungs and fantastic stage presence to lead singer James’ resume, but as someone said to me ‘FSD were better’ That is the challenge to difference them selves from zeke and friends and you’ll go further.

Head Filled Attaction had the biggest crowd all evening, and they played like a headlining act. Very loud for those who care about their hearings. In the toilet the walls were vibrating. Though this is nu metal or heavy alternative (or whatever buzz word this genre goes by now) so you can’t expect quiet. It appears They’ve come a long since the days of Coloured.


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