Bob Evans – Suburban Kid CD Review

Better known as Kevin Mitchell of Jebediah, Bob Evans is the name of the solo project which he has playing shows under since 1998.

Suburban Kid is his first release and a step away from what Jebediah’s usual pop tunes, a country sound but what has briefly touched on in recent Jebediah albums. The album is a more personal affair allowing him to write honestly about long distance relationships, personal faults, good friends and a special tribute to his special old car.

The first single ‘Friday Comes Five’ is one of the more disappointing aspects of the albums. Sounding like he is trying to emulate Sleepy Jackson. Don’t let that you from checking out the rest of the album The strength lies in tracks such as ‘Live For Today’, ‘Turn’ and the touching ‘Stevie’s Song’. Tunes that are simple but brilliant in integrity.

While not a huge departure from his day job, there is enough here to spread his music to further people.


One thought on “Bob Evans – Suburban Kid CD Review

  1. A few months after writing this review, I fell in love with this record. I went through a stage where every morning i had to put on ‘live for today’ before I did anything.

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