Nina X Interview

Nina X is solo vocalist/pianist. She has been playing around town for a few years in bands, but when they ended and she could find no one suitable to start a new band, she went solo. Leo Abbs asked a few questions to find out what it’s like for a new solo artist on the scene.

How long have you been playing live for?
About 5 years, both with bands and solo.

How would you describe your music? (influences/similarity/style)
Probably classical-pop or piano-noir! I’ve had training in classicalpiano but am also very into blues, jazz, film scores & prog-rock. So yeah…kindaa weird mish-mash of all the aforementioned!

Have you played in any previous bands?
Yes, I was the singer/keyboardist in *conditions apply and also had abrief stint with a band called ash wednesday in which i played keyboard and did backing vocals.

What Perth bands do you like?
I’m a big fan of civilised, tragic delicate, the wire complex, schvendes and snowman. Try and make it to as many of their gigs as possible!

What made you decide to play as a solo artist?
Mainly because everyone i tried to work with bailed on me! I like it also, I feel it works for me.

Do you find it hard to get gigs as a solo act?
For awhile it was a little hard to be taken seriously..especially because when “soloist” is uttered the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is some long-haired guy with a guitar. I think it’s better now as the last couple of gigs I played were well received.

Do you have any plans to record or release anything?
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks and maybe a release at the end of the year if I get it together in time.

To download Nina X’s music visit


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