Live Review: Fuzz Cd Launch @ Amplifier – 12 November

Fuzz CD Launch
Friday 12th November 2004
Review by Leo Abbs

Snowman were first on. A band that has been getting a lot of attention in the last year primarilty for their original sounds. I hadn’t seen them play in at least six months so it was interesting to see how they had progressed.

I found the ideas inspirational, with the range of styles and the fact you can’t label them easily. The inclusion of other instruments (violin and trumpet) was insteresting but the lead guitar playing for instance was at times typical perth indie-sounding. One thing I noted from this performance was that while they were trying to be different at times they were trying so hard to experiment that it didn’t always work.

It is great to see a band try something new. I hope they consolidate their songwriting but don’t lose that originality. Same with running out of ideas and becoming just another band. Keep it weird…but work on those tunes.

The Fuzz don’t care about originality so much, they just want to rock. To me they sound like rather like that other Bunbury band, The Three Orange Whips but with a female vocalist. Not that’s a bad thing.

Tonight I was a bit disappointed by the band. Maybe I was expecting them to be more than a pub rock band, when in fact that’s all they are and all they want to be, but with more popularity. I found the singing to out of form which was the most disappointing side.


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