Firestarter Compilation CD

Firestarter are a independent record label from Perth, Western Australia that not only book and manage bands also deal in event management, CD duplication and printing services.

The bands on this compilation of Firestarter Records are:

Bus 56
The bio just seems to hint that they are rock (goes on to repeat the word many times in a short space) but there’s also a love of Talking Heads and do I guess Mr Bowie? People may find it a bit more interesting if you take a closer look.

The Meaning Of
Simply explained…it’s summed up as a love of nu metal (detuned guitars etc) but with vocals that are influenced by Mike Patton. Live they throw a didgeroo too.

Loose Unit
Rock’n’roll. I think most people know whether they love it or not. Fence sitters can make up their own mind.

Tragic Delicate
Acoustic detuned guitars with a cello thrown into the mix, hints of jeff Buckley and Muse in the vocals. Quite an interesting mix and they have an original sound, there’s a demo of their new single which hints at progressing in their songwriting ability.

Nina X
A very talented pianist who has a knack for writing moody tunes in between going nuts with the keys. At times the instrumental side overpowers the vocals, so more work on the voice could top off what is a stand out on this compilation.

The Wire Complex
The Wire Complex love their effects and it tops off what is an interesting dark sound. Hints of Muse in the vocals, with turns of turning to VAST. There’s a strong tool influence in the music but with the odd teaparty sounding guitar riff and some weird noises (sounds like someone playing computer games at points).

For more information on firestarter music and the bands on their roster visit:


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