Fergusons/Snowman/Bank Holidays/The Silents @ The Swan

Friday 19th November – Drappled Cities Fly/Fergusons/Snowman/The Bank Holidays/ The Silents @ Swan Basement

I arrived early and after an early drink, it was time for The Silents. Who proved to quite a mellow set of ear friendly pop.

The Bank Holidays were away from their home turf of the Amplifier/Rosemount and they would have been pleased to playing to a decent crowd down in Fremantle. Playing a set of what are becoming local indie favourites, including the fact they are now have made JJJ high rotation, these guys are perfect for happy go lucky indie types. With a strong 60’s influence and catchy harmonies they’ve got a knack for a penning a pop song.

Snowman are crazy. Some would also say they are brilliant. What ever you think of this band you can’t deny their originality. Tonight their set was full of action enough to keep the punters happy, and impressing those who had never seen them beforehand Confirming their place as a great live band from my point of view.

The Fergusons are a different band now. With singer/guitarist Michael Bruce leaving earlier this year, it meant they had lost one of their two vocalists, and no longer had three guitarists. As a result they have a completely new setlist and the radio hits ‘everything’s gone bad’ and ‘Sinner is Red’ are no longer part of it.

With the two guitars, the sound is quite different but still distinctively the Fergusons. With just Al singing there will be less Jebediah comparisons and without that extra guitar, it won’t get out of hand and annoy people as much – despite their guitar sound being what was one of the features.

Whether or not the Fergusons continue on to fine tune this sound is the key. After all it’s been a difficult year in the band camp.


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