Cd Review: SLAM Compilation CD 3

Crawlspace open this compilation with a catchy pop rock tune but has hooks that sound so familar like another perth band.

Phil’s Finest Hour are a piano pop band that could be compared to ben folds – more work on the songwriting and hopefully they’ll quash that comparison. I’m yet to see this band live but i’m told the pianist has some crazy rock moves under his sleeve.

Munky Punch do their funky rock thing. a lazy comparison would be rage of the machine but theres no ranting about politics here just slightly weird ass funk.

Spencer Tracy one of the promising pop rock bands from wa, who write catchy songs…that border on the line of being too annoying. It’s an argument which local music punters have debated are they are good or not? By the way Is this the new singer or not?

TKO sound like they are doing rap rock but a different slant left me not picking the influences…and the choruses can be catchy on this sucker. Lets hope their current set has hooks like this one.

Dyslexic Fishs song is ‘Get Down and Get Funky’ Beginning with a riff that sounds like RATM…before rolling into some seriously proud funk. Guess why they called the song that title…proud of what they do. Not too shabby it either.

Solid State wrote a song about an xpress reviewer who was a little too critical of their music. Sorry but i have to give the lyric a downside..its silly.

Dave Mann Collective are one of the finest roots band in australia right now. Only most people don’t know it. Give them time and as long as they keep working hard they’ll go places.

Bystander a rock band that are tight live. They’ve have been quietly of late, are they still around? This is good…but not great.

Crimes Of The Primary are the odd ones out as the electro band on this compilation. Its hard to imgaine how they transfer this on to a live stage but they do. Playing a kind of music that is out of place in our city, with european management may they dare trek to a place that could possibly appreciate them more?

Trilp play music that is on the rock side of things. Another one i am yet to see live.

Maidstone’s contribution is ‘Bombay’s Night’ a track that got a play or two on nova last year i’m sure, it sounds familar and safe. Nice but i think you could stretch those boundaries a little more.

Supernatural is blending into the some of the territory that the other bands on this compilation are heading.

Zeta Theory – sound on the funky rock side of things, but end up being one of the heavier bands on this compilation.

Mr Sandman have one of the best rock songs on this compilation. Receiving a fair bit of airplay and some decent supports (they’re supporting grinspoon this week) ‘shake me wake me…’ They’ve progressed a lot in the last few years.

Dream Catcha are a band that will struggle on a local alternative scene simply because they have got a very commercial rock sound. A few listen to this…first i was cringing but after a while I’m singing along ‘here i am’…

Tragic Delicate seem to pop on every compilation cd that comes out locally these days. A hardworking band that can fit on a heavy lineup and mix it with an acoustic lineup somehow with ease. Gotta love that cello, tops it off.

The Meaning Of have been getting a bit of a following on the local scene. Good on em they’ve been around for ages, shows if you stick around long enough and dont lose patience, you can get places.

Imprint seem to have taken two styles of music that they love and mashed them into a hybrid which flips from chlli peppers style funk to a love of many things metal. Some shit hot musicianships, good metal screams, guitar solos and a kickass bass player. Pretty cool.

Last Years Hero still sticking to the pop/punk and not ashamed to call it that. They are doing very well around the place. Reaching to a market of teenagers anyone in the late 20s will probably be disinterested.

Sin City – yes formally the local pricks, but they’ve gone more rock’n’roll. A Hardworking band who are nice people. This sounds a progression in songwriting from the band…best thing about them on cd is you dont have to see them in their undies.

Patient Zero?
After 22 track my patience was zero (boom tish…)- Sorry guys but i’ll give more feedback when you’re not last on a long compilation cd.


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