Cd Review: Little Birdy – Big Big Love

Little Birdy came out of nowhere last year receiving public attention and were given a major label contract with only a handful of live shows under their belt. While the little Birdy name was new the experience of the band wasn’t with various members having gigged around town for years in bands like Fourth Floor Collapse (Barney), The Plastic Scene (Katy) and guitarist Simon, he gigged with everyone it seems – The Mission Blue, Halogen and Freud’s Pillow.

A year and a half after being signed, with two ep’s released and lots of touring – both national and international under their belt, they have released their debut album, ‘Big Big Love’.

While the band quickly gained popularity around the country, back home it just meant too many people got the tall poppy syndroome disease and asked ‘why them?’ The questions are answered on this cd. It’s a cracker.

When you hear Katy Steele sing it’s quite amazing that she has only just began her twenties. It’s her unique vocals that lead this band. She’s backed up well by the band including the use of piano/keyboards on the recrding, which have reduplicated live by the adding of a session member.

Highlights of this album include ‘Beautiful to me’ (i wonder how many people sing that to their lovers now?), Tonnight’s the night and Message to God. Add to this their first ‘hit’ Relapse is on there – but re-recorded and so is Andy Warhol from the first ep.

A few listens later and you begin to ponder that love is a big thing indeed.


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