Josivac Return Show @ Swan Basement 3/12/04

When josivac’s guitarist Simon went overseas for six months, it meant the band was on hold. Now that he’s back in town, tonight they were ready to resume gigging.

Craig Harman opened proceedings. Known around town to the guy who does the websites for bands (jebediah, showbag, jebediah etc) he’s slowly getting a reputation as a decent muso. He’s been around the scene for 7 years first playing in Helix and then Petrolfish, and mostly recently he’s been the frontman for The Make Out Club.

He’s come along way from the early days of Helix, who got many a slagging for their strong jebediah influences – but tonight he was on his lonesome and the songs sounded like he’s just been writing and writing, playing guitar and singing and the hard work pays off. A nice way to start the evening.

My excuse for not seeing much of the wah trees was… that the swan basement now has a beer garden. I caught the end of their set and it seemed funkier than I recall previously. What the hell was Vocalist Sawyer doing on keyboard during the 2nd last song?

A loyal crowd were there to welcome the josivac guys back. It was a mellow start minus the rhythm section…it wasn’t until later in the set they hit their stride. This band is best when they are more uptempo and they a’rocking – pounding drums, and the group really getting into it and rocking out more than an acoustic band should. Hopefully their forthcoming album captures the energy they display on stage at their best.

What is a feature of this band is the dual vocalists Jodie and Novac providing beautiful harmonies. They work together well sharing the vocals and also iin taking turns to do lead. With the introduction of keys, harmonica and 2nd guitar to various parts of the set it is opening ways for the band to tread different ground, leaving them at times sounding more pop/rock rather than folk. I just wish they’d set up quicker.

The ended the set with ‘too cold’ the title track from their ep of the same and then it was the traditional set closer, who’s name i’m not sure – the bluesy one
‘get up, get up get off my floor…. ‘
I don’t want to see you round anymore’
is how it goes…

Though we do want to see the band around, it’s been too long between shows.


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