Antistatic Interview

An Interview with Drew from Antistatic

What made you start the band?
I went to school with Basin, and we’d always jammed together for fun invarious little school bands and such. We’ve always wanted to do the bandthing since we were kids, so when Brody and Basin met at TAFE, we all juststarted jamming. Jamming turned into writing, turned into gigging, it alljust kind of happened without us even thinking about it.

A few months ago you released your first ep. How was the recording process?
Extremely quick! We basically put the ep down over four days with a few days for vocals. It came down to doing as much as we could with limitedfinances, and in that regard, considering the circumstances, we’re pretty happy with the finished product. It was heaps of fun especially working with Jarrad Hearman, who is a good mate of ours now, but i mean it’s hard work. You gotta get things perfect, and we’re hard as fuck on ourselves.

You also launched the cd at the amplifier. How was that night?
Massive! The other bands were awesome, and the crowd was just fantastic that night. Huge props to everyone who came down. To see that many people there to celebrate the release of the disc made us very happy.

What are you planning now you’ve released the cd?
Writing way better songs, touring the rest of the country extensively and hopefully beginning work on a full length album towards the end of next year. A lot of hard work, but itll be an absolute shitload of fun.

What are the other highlights of the time you’ve been playing in antistatic?
Playing BDO 2004 was fucking unbelievable. It’s probably one of threetimes we’ve ever played that we were all happy with. Our supports with Sunk Loto and The Butterfly Effect were fantastic experiences, we totally look up to those dudes so that sort of thing is very exciting for us.

What bands are you listening to at the moment?
Hmmmm. Sarah Blasko, U2, Meshuggah, Glassjaw and Sparta are all pretty awesome. And Deftones, 36 Crazyfists and Sevendust. Too many.

What bands do you play with in the Perth scene?
A lot of the time now we play shows with the heavy-alternative sort ofacts like Head Filled Attraction, Lockdown, SleeperX and Heavy Weight Champ. It’s awesome to playing with the newer bands coming through likeHope Here Gone and Thoughts Ignite. Those guys are wicked and show heaps of promise.

Other than the bands you play with, are there local bands that you like of different genres?
We dig Tragic Delicate, they’re great. K are an amazing group too.

Interview by Leo Abbs

To find out more about Antistatic visit their website:


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