WAMI Weekender CD 2004

CD review
WAMI Weekender 2004

With the wamis changing date from february it meant there was going to a long time between festivals so the wami weekender was held in june as a shortened version of the festival. This also meant only one cd was released.

It opens with Snowman and their track ‘Zombies on the airwaves of Paris’.. They have a very original sound – some have try to describe it as ‘horror surf rock’ but whatever you call it – they are an interesting act and inspiring a lot of people with their diversity.

B Movie Heroes have contributed ‘softcore’ a song that was on an earlier wami cd as a live version but this is the studio version from their debut album. It’s a really nice song.
Red Jezebel are another band who’ve been on a wami cd before. They been around for bloody ages but it appears they’ve finally come good.

Perhaps the strongest song on this cd is the Fuzz’s cntribution with their track ‘You Must Be Dead’. A catchy song of fine rock. Also worth mentioning is the now defunct Civilised with their dark rock sounds. It’s a terrible shame they are no longer together as a group.

In one cd there’s a huge variety of sounds. A good sampler of Perth Music once again.


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