cd review: Quadbox – The Four Box-men of Aquadalypse

At first I feared this was going to be another one of those folk bands that are everywhere at the moment. But I was in for a surprise. While this is an acoustic based album this is far from Ben Harper.

Local fans may remember bands like Love Camp, Beaverloop and early Eskimo Joe. While this band has a different sound to those bands, it shares a light hearted comic approach. Some highlights include ‘Sex and Def Scallops’ (about Geoff Gallop) ‘What’s in your fridge’ and a song ‘EEADAE’ (shouldn’t be hard to figure out how to play that one).

Some songs need work (some of the lyrics have been lazily written) but this would be an enjoyable band to see live. If you like music that isn’t mopey you may like it. They are currently based in Albany – if they come to play in Perth, check them out.


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