Punter Profile: Duceman

This is the first in the series of Punter Profiles where we interview gig goers.

First up, we talked to Liam Ducey, better known as Duceman. Known to some internet users as that guy from perthbands.com, it turns out he does more than just post on message boards. Whether it be be music journalism, starring in documentaries or being a mad supporter of certain Perth bands, he’s one guy who loves music. Here’s what Duceman had to say.

When did you first start going to see local Perth bands?
Shit Leo, hit me with the hard questions first up. I guess it would have been when I came up to Uni when I was 17. Before that i’d seen Red Jezebel at Esperance Arts Centre when I was 15, and i’d seen Three Orange Whips play ESHS gym when I was in year 12, but local shows…one of the first shows I went to was Jed Whitey, Six Foot Hick and Magic Dirt.

I hadn’t heard of the two bands before MD, but they knocked the fuck out of me. After that, Dave and I started hitting up Bordello, before we realised they were utter shit, Autopilot, Jed Whitey etc etc etc.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
Yeah, i’m one of those vague music journalist types. I’d like to think i’m reasonably good, but that’s probably the metholated spirits talking. I mainly write for Grok, although recently i’ve hooked up with Rockus, run by that wonderful Steph Edwardes character. Oh yeah, and i’ve also been published in Maximum Rock and Roll. How’s that for credibility!

Do you buy many local cds?
Well, i’m in the fortunate position of doing review for Grok and Rockus, and in that sense I pretty well keep myself covered. I think the last local CD I bought was Capital City vs The Bangkok Ladyboys, and the last local CD I received was Zxspecky – Zeph Likes It, which I can thoroughly recommend.

Which venues do you like and why?
Well, every venue has it’s own appeal, y’know?

I love the Amplifier because the sound is generally amazing, and I like to stay up all night drinking with the various other miscreants that generally inhabit the place.

I like the Rosemount because I have wonderful carpark drinking memories, and I like being able to jet out to the beergarden after watching a band, the whole inside/outside deal is nice, although I wish they’d get rid of the horrible doof doof in the beer garden.

I like the Hydey because it’s horrible and seedy, the floor is sticky and if you can see the band they’re inevitably about two feet from your face which I think is great.

That’s the main three. Newport deserves an honourable mention, but it’s in Freo so it can get fucked.

What are you favourite local bands and why?
My Jed Whitey fandom knows no bounds. Look out for the JW/Giants Of Science Tour Doco being released on Mongoloid Dave Home Video soon kids, with sort-of narration by me.

I’ll just list the others, because if I have to explain each one it’ll take weeks. The Volcanics, The Fuzz, Standard Deviants, Eleventh He Reaches London, Capital City/The Sam Scherr Jew Explosion, Red Jezebel, Subtruck, Antistatic and any band Russ is in provided he doesn’t speak.

What do you drink at gigs?
I’ll drink anything that’s wet, provided it has some form of alcohol content. Mainly beer or beam and coke, but I have been known to swap cigarettes for glasses of a cunningly concealed goon bag.[quote]

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?
I didn’t see it personally but i’ve seen video footage, and clearly the funniest thing i’ve seen on stage was Jed Whitey playing in Dunsborough. Debacle is the word that springs to mind, it’s hilarious. Try telling Jed Whitey to turn down and see what happens.

Oh, and the first time I saw the Local Pricks I thought their antics were hilarious, although it lost most, well all of it’s charm the next seventy times I saw ’em.

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
Yeah, Cobra Clutch are great. Fast, loud and tough. Eleventh aren’t that new but this year they’ve been kicking heads and taking names, they should hurry up and release an album or something.

I remember seeing the Volcanics aaaaages ago at the JW Black Metal Extravaganza and not really paying any attention, but this year they were one of the bands you had to take notice of. They just show you how important a charismatic frontman is to a good rocknroll show. They also demonstrate the importance of the scarf to rocknroll. Apparently they’re just around to warm the necks of skinny indie nerds.


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