Punter Profile: Kelly Armstrong

When did you first start going to see local perth bands?
I went to my first gig with local bands in 1999 when i was 14. Eskimo joe were supporting the living end. but i didn’t start going regularly til 2001 after seeing bands like the Fergusons, Klippspringer and Fourth Floor Collapse.

Do you buy many local cds?
I used to pretty much only buy local cds. and i still buy quite a few.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
I organise all ages gigs for The Vault as well as ‘Yac It Up’. I’ve also started a photography business with a fellow music photographer.http://mojo-rock@cjb.net

Which venues do you like and why?
Amplifier’s my favorite. from a punter’s point of view, it’s just a greatroom with usually a great vibe with the convenience of a beer garden. From a photographer’s point of view, the lights are killer.and i like the hydie because there’s no stage.

Who are you favourite local bands and why?
Eskimo joe have been my favorite band for almost seven years, and they pretty much got me into local music. They’re like an old faithful dog now. I also dig the fergusons [rip], grand central, gyroscope, the nordeens, snowman, the bank holidays, the avenues… and all for different reasons.

What do you drink at gigs?
Generally beer. carlton draught, becks.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?
When you generally see pretentious rock bands, nothing funny happens.

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
Columbia are going to be brilliant!

Interview by Leo Abbs


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