Punter Profile – WastinTime

When did you first start going to see local perth bands?
Many a year ago, i used to go watch all the metal bands at the Grosvenor (Allegiance,Rawkus, SFD, infected etc)

Do you buy many local cds?
Yeah if a band i like releases a CD i’ll buy it for sure, occasionally i’ll buy one just on word of mouth

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
No, just a very keen punter, sometimes groupie.

Which venues do you like and why?
I like the hydey because the people are ‘real’ no one cares what you wear,look like, how you behave etc, it has cheap beer, and no idiot security and its free. I also like the Amps as its a cool place to hang out and meet friends, thats pretty much it

Who are you favourite local bands and why?
This could be a long one, i’ll try for the condensed version:

Homicides because theyre fucken funny and entertaining to watch plus i love the music,.

The volcanics – they just have great rock songs and John’s a great frontman and singer.

Kill devil hills – cause the mix blues,folk and country all together in a dark brew….just love the music and seing what instrument they’ll add to the lineup next.

M16s – gotta love a man who can play guitar like Kenny,definately underated (as are all perth bands) .

Schvendes – love Racheals voice and again the dark lyrics and mood,

New invincibles – just fantastic live great garagey surfy songs (thats a really bad description)

Also used to really like looweeze de’ath but it seems she’s disappeared?? Very funny girl with great acoustic songs. Ok thats the condensed version.

What do you drink at gigs?
Beer, anything else is too damn expensive (but then again so is beer at the Amps).

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?
Everytime i see the Homicides it cracks me up, love them, oh and there was a nude guy on stage at the last mach pelican gig, that was pretty funny

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
The ‘newest’ is probably at least 6 months ago when i came across Soviet Valves, oh no i lie, i discovered Schvendes about 3 months ago, but theyre not really new


Punter Profile – Racquel

When did you first start going to see local perth bands?

I was 15 or 16 years old.

Do you buy many local cds?

Every week I purchase 3-4 cds to add to my collection and at least one of those is bound to be a local cd, whether it’s a recent release or an oldie.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?

I do a few things in the music industry. For starters I manage a band called New Rules For Boats. I’m also a presenter for Base.tv which is a music show aired on Access 31. Finally, I work for a music website called perthbands.com.

Which venues do you like and why?

I love The Rosemount and Amplifier. They are just so supportive of original bands in general, irrespective of whether they are based locally or nationally. The atmosphere at both venues is amazing and it’s great having a place to go to late at night when i’m in the mood to just chill out or dance, without having to deal with a typical northbridge crowd.

Who are your favourite local bands and why?

There are so many fantastic bands in Perth. My taste in music is quite diverse but if I had to provide a reason for choosing the following bands as my favourites it’d be due to the fact that they are all fearless on stage. They’re just great musicians who are having fun doing it their way, without any pretense. The list – Astronaut, The Panda Band, The Bank Holidays, Snowman, Kill Devil Hills, The Sleepy Jackson.

What do you drink at gigs?

If i’m driving then i’ll drink lemonade and grenadine, otherwise it’s whisky and coke.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?

Something funny always happens at Dyslexic Fish gigs. They just make me smile. Their set at Perthbands.com’s Shagroom Show was a corker, with their lead singer, Glenn, getting two girls to make out and lots of sexy dancing onstage.

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?

I’m really digging The Silents.

Website of the Month – perthbands

Originally hitting the world wide web in 2001, Perthbands.com has become the most popular website for perth music lovers. With a message board which has plenty of opportunities to network and find out what’s going on around town, plus a band section where bands can update themselves (Particulary handy if groups haven’t got a website).

There are also reviews on the website and they are always looking for people to volunteer to do some. Plus the many hours the webmasters Magz and Dave put in on the web, they also organise perthbands shows, which have included events at the rosemount, A boxing day show at metros and a demo listening party.

Having picked up the Wami for most popular website on Tuesday night it’s quite appropriate that our featured website for this month is perthbands.com

To find it is easy. Just type in www.perthbands.com.

Leo Abbs

New Band Focus – In A Moment

Band: In A Moment

Band Members: Jon-vocals, Liam-guitars, Niall-bass, Carl-drums

Influences: Faith No More, Fear Factory, American Head Charge, Perfect Circle, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Sevendust….the list goes on:)

Style: Progressive heavy rock

The name: In brief it indicates a time of personal reflection and change.

How did the band start: The band was formed in early 2003. At that stage it was acoustic (guitar and vocals). We eventually got a bass player and drummer and things just progressed toward the heavy side (without getting too heavy).

Upcoming gigs:
26th Feb @ Rosemount
27th Feb @ McCallum Park (Allages WAMI show)
3rd March @ The Castle
5th March @ The Lookout
17th March @ Mojo’s
24th March @ Odessey (Bunbury)

Website: coming soon

MP3s: http://www.mp3.com.au/IAM(InAMoment)/

Contact Details:
Anthony Kay (manager) on 0439372247
or Jon Mazzardis (vocalist) on 0408929751

WAMI Awards Night – Becks Verandah

WAMI Awards Night
Becks Verandah
Tuesday 22nd February 2005

Last night was the first time I’ve been to the WAMI Awards night and it was a fantastic occasion. It was also the first time they’ve put the night on at The Verandah and what a great venue it was. All the positive reviews I’ve heard about the place were easily matched and surpassed within minutes of being there.

I liked how the bands played short sets it gave a nice glimpase of what each group is about. Having seen Kill Devil Hills three days before,, and they must be one of the best acts I’ve seen of late. I’ll be seeing them again.

The rest of the bands were all enjoybale. Finally got to see Dom Mariani – very interesting sound and Jebediah put on a good show. My friend said he thinks they are better now than they were signed.

Of course you can’t forget the awards. Some well dserved winners and some classic acceptance speeches. Notably Dyslexic Fish and Snowman. Bon Scott was inducted into the Hall of Fame and got a standing ovation. The Golden WAMI went to Nigel Bird and a popular winner.

There’s always going to be people missing out…but there’s no point whingeing with events liike this. Just Enjoy the party atmosphere.

Happy Wamis everyone.

Interview: Drew Goddard (Karnivool)

Interview with Drew Goddard, guitarist from Karnivool.

You have a new album about to come out. What are your feelings now it is ready for release?
Over the moon. We’re all completely stoked to have it finished after so long in the works, and very excited about releasing it. Most of all we’re really happy to finally have a new set of songs to play live!!

What is the album called and why?
The album’s called Themata. It means an underlying feeling or intuition about how the world works. An unarticulated philosphy on life. Our thesis based on gut assumption.

How was the writing and recording process of the album?
The writing process was a tough one, it didn’t come easily. There was way too much thinking involved! We find when we get put under pressure and trust ourselves and eachother we get way better results than sitting pondering the infinite possiblities of where the song could go.

Half of the album was written in the last 5 or 6 months, and those I think are our best songs. A couple of songs we wrote in the studio at the last minute, and they came out great. So to answer your question the writing was tough but we got through it! Looking forward to starting fresh on the next album.

The recording was a hugely enjoyable process.. we recorded in 12 different locations all up. Forrester and ourselves hired a protools rig and went bush to do all the guitars at this amazing location down near Denmark, 5 mins from the treetop walk. It’s such an awesome way to record away from the city, I’m no hippy, but you can’t help but be inspired waking up to the surrounds of our beautiful south west! Maybe I am a hippy?

We recorded the drums at Planet (RIP), various houses for various things, Mandurah, Roleystone and finished up in Melbourne for final recording and mixing. It’s been an enjoyable year.

Is it being released independently or on a label?

You are launching the new cd at the lookout. Why did you choose that venue?
We started out around Scarborough, so it seems fitting to return there for our debut launch.

What is planned after the album is released?
Hectic touring, we\’re just gonna get out there and play as much as we can, spread the word. Hopefully get overseas sometime soon too. We’ll also gonna get straight on to the next album, no fucking around. The next one will be a corker.

The vocalist Ian is singing in Birds of Tokyo. Are any of the other members in other bands?
Hos plays in a couple of bands, Revolucion St: His world music outfit with Fetah (ex-superheist), songs recorded with the Egyptian Symphony Orchestra. Keep your your eyes peeled for that. Also Masoniq, with Drew (ex-superheist) and Matt (ex-28 days), like an experimental hiphop kinda band.
Jon is playing in a new band called Neon Kelly with his girlfriend Steph. Steve is also playing with Hope Here Gone, and the greatest band in the world the Sweatshoppe Girlz is just about to start up again. I’m also starting a metal metal band soon.

How long has Karnivool been gigging for?
Since early 98. Our first show was at the Kent St School Ball. We played like 8 Nirvana songs. The first original show was at the O’Connor skate park with The Iron Youth, Caddis, Dust and a few more. We sounded like Metallica back then. I played bass and Ian played guitar and sang.

Has there been anyone who’s been really helpful to the band’s progress?
Too many to mention here. Check out the thankyou section on our CD when it comes out. It’s huge to say the least. A lot of wonderful people around these parts!

The band has scored some good supports over the past few years. Which ones have been the most memorable?
The Soulfly/Hatebreed national was great, great shows with great people! Strapping Young Lad was highly memorable cos I’m completely in love with Devin Townsend’s music, and getting to meet him was one of the coolest things ever. All the supports were great. It’s been an honour to play with some of the world\’s finest.

Is there anyone you would like to support?
I’d love to support the Devin Townsend Band when they come… I think we’re alot more suited to them than SYL. But I don\’t mind if we don\’t support, I just wanna see them!

What are five bands that describe Karnivool’s musical influences?
There’s way too many to mention… but I think putting these 5 in a boiling pot and stirring would be pretty close to how Karnivool sounds nowadays.
Soundgarden, Devin, STP, Tool, Meshuggah.

Favourite bands from Perth?
Again… too many to mention. I love so many bands in Perth, the scene is bitchin at the moment!! But my favourites would be Subtruck, HWC, Fourth Floor Collapse, Josivac, Dave Mann Collective, Snowman, Gyroscope, Grand Central, Rollerskates.

Lastly – Could you explain how each track on the album came about? Ie how the music was written/what the lyrics were about?
the lyrics and music are open to interpretation. We’d prefer to let everyone find their own meaning 🙂

Venue Profile: Swan Basement

Where is the venue situated?
In lush North Fremantle. 200m from the Swan River, 800m from the beach.

201 Queen Victoria St North Freo

How long has it had live bands playing there?
Since November 2002, official re-opening Jan 03. Previously THE CAVE bar but had not been in operation for 5-8yrs, before that it was a well known venue for hard blues style and big crowds on sundays

Is the venue public transport accessible?

Most definitely, the Transperth 99/98 circle route stops right out the front!

Is a short 800m walk from the north fremantle train station.

so you got two options!

What nights does the venue have original bands?
Swan Basement- regular- THurs- Sunday but sometimes wednesday..depending on event and time of year

upstairs is tues-sunday

What genres play at the venue?
all! one weekend we had JET play on Friday and on Saturday was KING MARONG and his african druming & Dancing show. really from metal to world music!

What hours is the venue open?
8-12am thurs
830-1am- fri & sat
5-10 sunday

How big is the venue?
medium size venue.

What nights does the venue have original bands?
Sunday but sometimes wednesday (depending on

event and time of year).

Northbank Bar (acoustic upstairs) is tuesday to Sunday.

How do you get a gig there?
it is much easier if you can hit me with a line up, then i can just hand over a date.

If you want your band in a bill, then I either have to build the line up for you or find a spot to slot you in (that suits your music)

> Contact:nigel
> Email:swanbasement@iinet.net.au
> Phone:93352017 (mondays)
> Address:201 Queen Victoria St Nth Fremantle
> Website:www.swanhotel.com.au