WAMI Awards Night – Becks Verandah

WAMI Awards Night
Becks Verandah
Tuesday 22nd February 2005

Last night was the first time I’ve been to the WAMI Awards night and it was a fantastic occasion. It was also the first time they’ve put the night on at The Verandah and what a great venue it was. All the positive reviews I’ve heard about the place were easily matched and surpassed within minutes of being there.

I liked how the bands played short sets it gave a nice glimpase of what each group is about. Having seen Kill Devil Hills three days before,, and they must be one of the best acts I’ve seen of late. I’ll be seeing them again.

The rest of the bands were all enjoybale. Finally got to see Dom Mariani – very interesting sound and Jebediah put on a good show. My friend said he thinks they are better now than they were signed.

Of course you can’t forget the awards. Some well dserved winners and some classic acceptance speeches. Notably Dyslexic Fish and Snowman. Bon Scott was inducted into the Hall of Fame and got a standing ovation. The Golden WAMI went to Nigel Bird and a popular winner.

There’s always going to be people missing out…but there’s no point whingeing with events liike this. Just Enjoy the party atmosphere.

Happy Wamis everyone.


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