Punter Profile – Racquel

When did you first start going to see local perth bands?

I was 15 or 16 years old.

Do you buy many local cds?

Every week I purchase 3-4 cds to add to my collection and at least one of those is bound to be a local cd, whether it’s a recent release or an oldie.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?

I do a few things in the music industry. For starters I manage a band called New Rules For Boats. I’m also a presenter for Base.tv which is a music show aired on Access 31. Finally, I work for a music website called perthbands.com.

Which venues do you like and why?

I love The Rosemount and Amplifier. They are just so supportive of original bands in general, irrespective of whether they are based locally or nationally. The atmosphere at both venues is amazing and it’s great having a place to go to late at night when i’m in the mood to just chill out or dance, without having to deal with a typical northbridge crowd.

Who are your favourite local bands and why?

There are so many fantastic bands in Perth. My taste in music is quite diverse but if I had to provide a reason for choosing the following bands as my favourites it’d be due to the fact that they are all fearless on stage. They’re just great musicians who are having fun doing it their way, without any pretense. The list – Astronaut, The Panda Band, The Bank Holidays, Snowman, Kill Devil Hills, The Sleepy Jackson.

What do you drink at gigs?

If i’m driving then i’ll drink lemonade and grenadine, otherwise it’s whisky and coke.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?

Something funny always happens at Dyslexic Fish gigs. They just make me smile. Their set at Perthbands.com’s Shagroom Show was a corker, with their lead singer, Glenn, getting two girls to make out and lots of sexy dancing onstage.

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?

I’m really digging The Silents.

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