In The Pines 2005

In The Pines 2005
Review by Leo Abbs

In the pines, if you didn’t know, is a fundraiser held for local community radio RTR. It is held each year in the somerville auditorium organised by those hard working people at the radio station many of whom are volunteers. Did I mention how much 92.1 does for local bands? Alot.

This year like in the past was fantastic. What I love about the day besides the music of course is the amazing atmosphere. Everyone sitting down on their rug, having a drink and catching up with friends. It was interesting to see many familar faces who weren’t regulars at gigs these days but had made special effort to come to in the pines. It really underlined the fact what a close community the perth scene.

As far as the bands went, the highlights for me were:

Schvendes who previously had not interested me. last time i caught them was at the heathcliffe cd launch and their moody tunes nearly sent me to sleep. I do blame the fact i’d been drinking at another pub all afternoon for it I suppose.

Anyway today they sounded fantastic. There’s nothing better when a band who you have written off comes back and hits you for six. I will see this band again. Indie Kids why didn’t i listen before?

Day of the dead were another standout. How good is this guitarist? Shit hot! The only thing is it seemed to be a bit empty without a singer or another instrument filling in the gaps…but perhaps more listening i’ll get it and they’ll nail itl. Trust me see this band if you are a keen guitarist!

Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp provided the background soundtrack to a conversation I was having and it was around the time when the sunset was setting. I really enjoyed this set. I feel they nailed the instrumental side of things there was no way you could say they needed a singer.

The fuzz rocked out and by then they had everyone standing. A fantastic live band who like a fellow bunbury (but now defunct) group you need a drink while you watch.

I missed some of the later bands who would have been good if i wasn’t so tired and I left around at 8pm. Piker Leo! But after my 3rd gig for the weekend if everyone supported the local scene as much as that all us musos would be rolling in it. Rolling what I don’t know….

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