WAMI 05 Compilation Review

Review by Leo Abbs

Every year I look forward to the WAMI compilation CD in anticipation of which bands will be on it. Whether they be my favourite local groups or WA artists that I’ve yet to discover or bands who surprise me by having a great song on there.

This year there were 4 CDs – split into periods of the weekend. The first CD is entitled Friday Nights and basically covers the ‘indie/rock’ side of things. Standouts include Eskimo Joe with their hit ‘From The Sea’, The Fuzz, A track from Jebediah’s fourth album and two bands which are all the hype this year – Snowman and The Panda Band.

CD 2 covers the heavier side of things with Karnivool ‘Shutterspeed’ a standout – which became a triple J staple not long after its release. There’s also lots of interesting styles on there . CD 3 leans to the electronic side of things with Micadelic with their hip hop and Thread doing a catchy indie/electro crossover two of the better tracks.

The final disc ‘Sunday Afternoon’ covers the Blues/roots/country side of things which is having a popular run at the moment – highlights include Dave Mann Collective’s latest single ‘Who You Are’ (contender for best track on the compilation?) the lovable Kill Devil Hills, Pete Stone and the upcoming release from josivac.


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