Karnivool Cd Review

Karnivool – ‘Themata
Reviewed by Leo Abbs

Finally they got the bloody thing out. I must say I’m glad its released. It is tops.

Why is it good you ask? Firstly the singer’s voice is awesome and the songs are catchy. The sound is Tool-influenced but that isn’t the only band mixed into the sound. Besides there are dozen of bands in Perth trying to be like Tool (just look at members wanted in Xpress) and they don’t get close to the vool.

The latest single ‘Shutterspeed’is a corker. IT’s been all over Triple J and was top of the Net 50 for weeks and weeks. This song is surrounded by great tunes – Themata, Fear of the Sky and previous single ‘Lifelike’ There’s even a heartfelt ballad called ‘Sewn and Silent’.

Unfortunately it’s not perfect – there’s a stupid silent track and the last track is only half a song hence the ‘part 1’ title. As for the instrumental, well, I don’t mind Meshuggah style riffs but without Ian Kenny’s singing over the top it tends to get boring.

Though that’s taking away from what is a fine debut. Karnivool deserve to only get bigger with this release. And I already know they will. This is first class. May they fly to stardom.


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