entering the digital music age

I bought a mp3 player the other day. It’s not an ipod – but an iriver (a different brand). To me it felt like an end of an era. It says on the manual that It can fit 12,000 songs which is quite mind boggling.

This is quite quick for me to get onto this technology business with music. In comparison I didnt get a cd player until 1993, and for years after that I still used a tape walkman.How convenient this new device is very exciting but also scary in how spoilt we are. It’s truly Amazing what you can do with technology.

Of course there’s the concern that I will abandon my cds and only listen to mp3s. After all my entire collection can fit on the mp3 player – I dont’ have to change discs. There’s also the concern that music will disappear from cd shops after all cd sales are down. I hope not – there’s something special about buying a new release and taking it home and putting it in the cd player. I think I’ll still do that – but this mp3 player come Jukebox is another step in my musical life. I will tell you what though I’m finding that I am listening to a lot music than before and am more inspired to play music.

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