Next Big Thing Heat 1 @ Swan Basement

Next Big Thing Heat One
Review by Leo Abbs

The Skirts were first a young band, in fact they were the only underage band in the next big thing competition. While they had plenty of energy and were proficient with their instruments (one punter mentioned the drummer had plenty of promise), I found them to suffer from youthful predictability. Their punk sound is what you would expect from bands of that age. As for a band of that style to write a song about hating hippies, it’s quite a cliché.

The beauty about band competitions is the variety of styles. Where else on a local bill would you get to see an acoustic band follow a punk band? Khin Mynt played a short set of soft acoustic with a personal touch. Joined by a double bass and keyboards it was one of the most enjoyable sets of the evening. He was then followed by another act, Not Even Slightly who played a set best described as Emo Rock and the singers voice at times reminded of placebo.

The Freudian Slips appeared to be the one to beat tonight with some well written songs that according to one punter sound like radiohead and the stone roses. There was something about this group where you can see them increasing in popularity.

Vital Statistix had the most interesting frontman tonight which gave the band something but wasn’t so backed up by his band. With some work these guys could be an interesting live act.

The last band of the night was The Imps who featured a former member of Fourth Floor Collapse on drums. Their sound was pop/rock with a comical edge to the lyrics. One of the best acts on the night, they were only let down by a new keyboardist who didn’t add anything to the sound – something which could hold them back in the future.

First place: The Freudian Slips
Second Place: The Imps

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