July Editorial

Half the year is over already! There’s been some fun shows. At the moment I think the wami awards night stands out – in fact the whole wami festival was a highlight.

last night I went to the to the last next big thing heat at the swan (which ended in me banging my head on the beams when leaving. Ow!) . It was a fun night besides that. It was interesting to see a heavy band (Dyscord) get through with so many indie type bands playing on the night. Shows that any type of genre can get thru the heats at least. Of course people always whinge about these competitions don’t they? Just try and enjoy it for the music. Winning pfft. I will try to get a review up soon.

Sspeaking of which I must apologise to anyone who i’ve emailed about reviewing or interviewing and haven’t done so – I will try to get round to these tasks this month.

Coming up:
Snowman CD Review
Birds Of Tokyo CDReview (found the disc!)
Live Reviews
Usual Columns – Punter Profile/New Band Focus/Venue Feature etc

If anyone has any cds or shows they want reviewed send me an email at perthsounds@gmail.com .


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