Mo Wilson and the Drivers – Demo Review

Mo Wilson and The Drivers – Demo
Review by Leo Abbs

Mo Wilson and the drivers are a four piece outfit which have been gigging for around six months. The songs are piano-driven and Mo proves to be quite the pianist. Luke (former josivac bassist) switched over to guitar when he joined this band and proves himself to be very talented with the axe.

The lead track is called ‘time wondering’ while only short, still leaves time for plenty of guitar soloing and piano noodling with a catchy chorus. The second song is a more mellow tune and the final track is back to the uptempo piano stomping. Overall the vocals have a folky croaky kinda sound with a more light-hearted delivery.

With a mixture of folk, a hint of the blues and influences such nick cave and the doors, this is a strong three track demo which should get them many gigs around town (especially with their contacts) and the band should attract a steady following.


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