CD Review: Snowman – Zombies On The Airwaves Of Paris

Snowman – Zombies On The Airwaves Of Paris
Review by Leo Abbs

Anyone who has tried to describe an unknown band to someone will know how hard it can be.

Well, trying explaining Snowman to someone who hasn’t heard them! The best description I’ve heard of them is ‘Horror Surf Rock’ but what’s that? You could also say it’s what Mr Bungle would sound like if they lived in Mt Lawley – though you would still be miles off.

Snowman’s originality combined with some very interesting songwriting which seems to barely rely on lyrics, more screams and weird noises, is what has everyone talking about this band. Their unique sound which is also ever changing, was a key part in which won them the next big thing competition in 2003, but it’s their fantastic live show which has punters coming back time after time.

The songs on ‘Zombies on the airwaves of Paris‘ are typified with reverb drenched gutiars leading a chaotic soundtrack with some crazy vocals telling horror stories. Stand out tracks include ‘Lost in the woods’ the triple j favourite that has the catchy clapping part, Track 4 ‘Horror Song’ and the title track. However the interludes between the main tracks , which are an interesting listening the first few times, had me reaching for the skip button.

Sure, you could argue that the CD gets annoying after a while, but not all music suits all occasions. For me they are still more a live band for now, and it’s not something I put on all the time. But with regular triple j airplay it’s clear that their sound can crossover to radio and some national tour supports (Interpol and Regurgitator), means that the rest of Australia is fast hearing about the local Phenomenon that is Snowman. Well deserved success is fast heading their way.

You have to admire them for pushing boundaries. In that regard, it is brilliant and inspirational.


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