Mochief Cd Review

Mochief Single
Review by Leo Abbs

Mochief have been talked about as one of the most promising heavy bands on the local live scene in the last year or so. It’s clear from this release that at the forefront of the talk is having a frontman who knows how to sing. Often i see heavier bands of this genre and their vocalists can pull off the screams, but they don’t match it when it comes to clean vocals. In the case, Lead singer Gavin manages to pull off the clean vocals well and do the metal growls too.

The band leans towards such influences as Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine and bands such as the deftones. It’s an interesting mixture in the vocals of effects but perhaps the patton influence on the singing is too strong. Though i’d like to see the rest of the band perhaps take a turn towards some obscure patton type material. The instrumental side of the band fits in well with the vocals but perhaps more leads could give the band an edge.

This is only a brief introduction to Mochief’s music but I would be interested to see where they go from here.


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