snowman / Katie Steele / Mo Wilson

Short Reviews by Leo Abbs

I headed to Curtin Uni to catch Snowman. After their recent Interpol support, it felt like quite a privilege to see the band play. The sound however wasn’t quite a privilege but of what I saw (3 or 4 songs), I enjoyed. As someone commented – this may be the last time ever, Snowman play for free.

Tonight Katie Steele (Little Birdy) was playing a solo show at the Norfolk in Fremantle. Sitting on the stage it was a nice way to spend Thursday evening – good to see some original music back in Central Fremantle. Katie didn’t let us down and there was plenty of chances to hear some new tunes as well as album favourites.

Was at the Swan to see Mo Wilson and The Drivers which turned to be the pick of all the music I saw live this week. First time I’ve seen them play but they really impressed me. I’m not sure how to describe them. The singing has a dark edge and the piano is a dominant feature, backed up by some bluesy guitar and a proficient rhythm section.

Leo Abbs


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