Cd Review: Andrew Ewing – Long Line

Andrew Ewing – Long Line
Review by Susan Clark

It’s a Sunday evening. I’ve just finished cleaning the house and garden in preparation for the rent inspector coming around tomorrow to make my life miserable. I grab a cruiser from the fridge, (coz that’s all I seem to have at the moment. Reminder to self- get some decent alcohol…) and plonk my saggy arse down in a comfy old chair.

I find Andrew Ewing’s solo effort Long Line in my stereo. One thing that really strikes me is that this release is truly a solo effort. It’s just one man and his guitar; simple, open and seemingly fragile.

Long Line is the first release from Ewing since the break-up of Perth band Thumb. It’s a four-track demo, in anticipation of a debut album to be recorded early next year.

The opening track takes its name from the CD title, and I can best describe it as a bluesy lullaby. There’s a bit of slide guitar and tail end harmonies that really flesh out the song. Long Line would have to be the strongest track and my favourite.

The next two tracks, Shark and Paper Cranes I find very similar. Ewing provides a slow repetitive strum to provide the beat as well as the tune. The sound harks back to a 60s folksy style, but electrified.

The style is excellent in supporting the fantastic lyrics. My only criticism is that on occasions the guitar was too prominent and drowned out the voice. The husky voice is to be listened to, and it was hard with Ewings and his guitar in competition to be heard.

Ewing finishes the showcase with the more upbeat Sophisticated. This last track is glaringly different from the other tracks. It’s almost “Hive-esque” and I could imagine Howlin´ Pelle Almqvist screaming through his interjection at any moment. The tune is skilfully reigned in and Ewing makes it his own.

Of course this is a demo, and not available for sale, but if your really nice to Andrew at his next gig, he may just pass you one. From the promises made in Long Line I wouldn’t mind checking out the debut album. It looks like it’s gonna be a winner.

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One thought on “Cd Review: Andrew Ewing – Long Line

  1. Great review sooz – i wouldnt mind checking out the debut album either. Also – can someone please delete the other comment which looks like some bot has randomly installed there to flog credit/loans. keep up the good work! sare mac

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