Cd Review: Sic Squared Live CD

Sic Squared Sessions Volume One
Review by Brooke Anderton

Out of the three bands, I preferred Subtruck. Their smacky drum rhythms and sexy guitar riffs are catchy and have grunt. Some great, angry and also playful, sounding tunes. There are variations in speed and timing and pauses to make song structure interesting, but don’t break the flow and they don’t drag each variation out too long which is good. I like that you can hear Phil Bradley’s Australian accent. The drum, guitar and bass parts are different enough and similar enough in places to keep the music intellectually stimulating. I would like a little bit more singing, but this band does have a sense of knowing who they are and it works well.

Headshot has some great lyrics and the syncopated guitar riffs are awesome. There is a lot of drama and build up and the recording sounds in places like it has a “hollow room” feel about it. The vocal chanting style is a little bit boring after a while; there is not enough variation in pitch and rhythm in the vocals for my musical tastes. I just felt like I was being yelled at. Shame, because I really like the lyrics and the riffs have the rockingness of Rage Against the Machine. Technically, very talented musicians.

The most melodic of the three, is Heavy Weight Champ. Their chord progressions and vocals are haunting. Grant has opera potential with that upper register! (No, seriously, he has fantastic projection when singing those high notes) I couldn’t get over the lower stuff though, I hate it when people who are Australian sing with an American accent and there was a touch of that that annoyed me. The changeovers from softer to heavy sections seemed a little repetitive and this meant that some songs dragged on a little too long for me. But the chorus from Breach has been stuck in my head and that is a good sign. Love the emotional stuff!


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