On Tour: Josivac

Down South with Josivac

Reviews by Leo Abbs
Photography by Danielle Griffin

Friday 23rd September
Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury

The night before the grand final was always going to be a hard gig for an original band in a town like Bunbury, with most people having an early one in preparation for the big game and associated schnegians the following day.

Speaking of the Football, Nigel, the drummer from Josivac a diehard dockers fan, walked onto stage to realise someone had played a practical joke on him by placing the letters ‘WCE’ on the front of his bass drum.

It turned out to be a very casual set for Josivac tonight and it had plenty of improvisation thrown into the mix, mainly on the behalf of guitarist Simon and his multi fix pedal. The wah pedal in particular was used frequently during the night and it gave the impression at times that Josivac were more of a funk band.

While it was good to see the band play 2 sets of original songs, (bar 2 covers) it may have been appropriate to have a few more covers. It was good however to see Jodie talking more between songs which is normally left to Novac and when you have two lead singers, it’s important that one doesn’t dominate.

While not the best Josivac gig ever, and a pisspoor turnout, the band had fun on stage. Perhaps if they had flogged the idea that they were launching the cd tonight a little more they wouldhave sold a few more cds.

Saturday 24th September
Cape Wine Bar, Dunsbrough

Novac described this venue when signing a poster after the show ‘The Cape Wine Bar is the classiest venue in the South West’ and I reckon that’s a good description of this venue. Well worth a visit when you’re in Dunsbrough.

A very narrow room, the band area is out in the small courtyard, with no stage. Josivac’s show tonight was different to the previous night. A quieter ‘acoustic’ affair it was perfect for the setting. Unfortunately for the first two sets, it was largely unappreciated, but just when the last set could have been potentially playing to bar staff, a decent crowd showed up and the few people who had been there all night, got up and danced.

In a weekend where they were overshadowed by Footy, it was a great way for the band to finish Saturday Night. They sold a few cds as well.


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