Live Review: Burn The Airwaves @ The Hydey

“Burn The Airwaves” –
Hyde Park Hotel
Saturday 17th September
Review by Dylan McArdle

I heard about the RTR “Burn the Airwaves” benefit gig a couple of weeks ago and I was looking forward to it, mainly because my favourite local band The Critics were playing. The Hydey is an odd venue and extremely unique in it’s atmosphere, and tonight was no exception. All the advertising etc promised “two stages of terror”, which really means bands playing at both ends of the bar (since there aren’t actually any stages)…what used to be called “widescreen”, anyway…

I walked in and These Streets, Our Verona were playing in the back where the pool tables were. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere, but it was pretty dark except for a few red lams around the place, so there was a very “underground” feel. Everyone was standing very close to the band, which I guess is something that sets The Hydey apart from over venues. Because I’d seen these guys support A Change of Face before I always think they are cut from the same mould, which isn’t such a bad thing.

Having bands play one after the other meant a mad rush from the pool room to the band area at the bar. I made my way to the front to see Two for Flinching, who I really enjoyed. Think of a ska punk band with some Jamaican-type reggae sounds thrown in. I guess they reminded me of the long-since-forgotten band Lowdown with that “feisty chick lead singer” attitude. I’ll be looking out to see them play again, as I will be for The Jacknives. We’re talking two different bands with two different female vocalists, but both with equally great effect.

The next band I didn’t catch the name of (was it Miles Away?) but they certainly stirred up the crowd the most. We were all standing shoulder-to-shoulder then everyone started a mosh pit and there was crowd surfing too (!!). It didn’t all detract from the music, which was loud and fast and angry, much like the punters running into each other. The rest of us not expecting this all had to take a couple of quick steps back.

As the evening moved on, so came bands I had come to see. I was quite surprised to see Screwtop Detonators take the small pool table area slot. I didn’t really like them the last (and only other) time I’ve seen them, but I really enjoyed their set, it was catchy and rockin’ and the band played to the crowd that was inches away from them so well. Another real surprise to the evening.

Of course, I’d come to see The Critics and I wasn’t disappointed. I haven’t seen them as much as I’d like, because they’ve often supported bigger bands I’m not willing to pay to see, but tonight was really as set for the fans. It was a set that not only showcased the best of the “old” stuff from the band, but they also showed us they have some new material up their sleeves too.

The set was as follows:
Selective Speaking, Take Back What’s Ours, Pull Ya Head In, Fear Invested, Scratching my head, The Sound, Obsolete, Patent Pending, Bound. Intro, No Answers, Hard Pressed.

Not only was this gig a “back to roots” type gig, but the new songs showed promise for bigger and better things in the future. The crowd certainly enjoyed the set, and many of the punter were singing along! It was enjoyed so much so that an encore was cheered on and the boys did a “Sunnyboys” cover. It was a great finish to a great set to a great gig. It really showed (to me) that punk rock is very strong in Perth. I just wish my hearing wasn’t so shot in the morning!!

CD Review: The Critics – Patent Pending

The Critics – Patent Pending
Review by Dylan McArdle

Patent Pending is the upcoming 4 track single from The Critics, and It’s a limited edition (of 50) promo that was a mailout after their CD launch in July. It’s classic The Critics stuff and it carries on the from the working class sound that their renown for. It’s a little bit slower than some of their stuff, with a long guitar interlude – much like the song “Hard Pressed”. The B-side is a live version of “The Easy Option” which is one of my favourite tracks from their original release.

Cd Review: Andrew Ewing – Long Line

Andrew Ewing – Long Line
Review by Susan Clark

It’s a Sunday evening. I’ve just finished cleaning the house and garden in preparation for the rent inspector coming around tomorrow to make my life miserable. I grab a cruiser from the fridge, (coz that’s all I seem to have at the moment. Reminder to self- get some decent alcohol…) and plonk my saggy arse down in a comfy old chair.

I find Andrew Ewing’s solo effort Long Line in my stereo. One thing that really strikes me is that this release is truly a solo effort. It’s just one man and his guitar; simple, open and seemingly fragile.

Long Line is the first release from Ewing since the break-up of Perth band Thumb. It’s a four-track demo, in anticipation of a debut album to be recorded early next year.

The opening track takes its name from the CD title, and I can best describe it as a bluesy lullaby. There’s a bit of slide guitar and tail end harmonies that really flesh out the song. Long Line would have to be the strongest track and my favourite.

The next two tracks, Shark and Paper Cranes I find very similar. Ewing provides a slow repetitive strum to provide the beat as well as the tune. The sound harks back to a 60s folksy style, but electrified.

The style is excellent in supporting the fantastic lyrics. My only criticism is that on occasions the guitar was too prominent and drowned out the voice. The husky voice is to be listened to, and it was hard with Ewings and his guitar in competition to be heard.

Ewing finishes the showcase with the more upbeat Sophisticated. This last track is glaringly different from the other tracks. It’s almost “Hive-esque” and I could imagine Howlin´ Pelle Almqvist screaming through his interjection at any moment. The tune is skilfully reigned in and Ewing makes it his own.

Of course this is a demo, and not available for sale, but if your really nice to Andrew at his next gig, he may just pass you one. From the promises made in Long Line I wouldn’t mind checking out the debut album. It looks like it’s gonna be a winner.

To visit Andrew’s website go to

Live Review: Kill Devil Hills @ Swan Basement

The Kill Devil Hills
The Swan
Thursday 15th September 2005
Review by Leo Abbs

Last night at the swan was week 3 of the september residency of the Kill Devil Hills.

The Kill Devil Hills are an unique band in the world of rock’n’roll. They are a six piece, and besides the usual, guitar/bass/drums, they have a mandolin, violin and clarinet, and the drummer stands up while playing his instrument. They lead vocalist has hints of nick cave in his vocals and the overall sound is some what of dark country edge, with folk and god knows what else added in there.

Down the front near the stage, it felt like more like a band playing at a wedding or a 21st than a quiet Thursday pub gig, with the crowd taking to the dance floor in an unique way you rarely see at local shows.

And of course when they played their greatest song ‘ Drinking Too Much’ the dancers went crazy and it was a beautiful sight. It this tune is not a hit Australian wide, it would be a disappointment. Either that or deseves a place in the next compilation of ‘Greatest Drinking Songs’.

The B Movie Heroes: Count their members… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! And people complain about the stage being too small at swan for a five piece. This band is a good lesson for aspiring bands around town, as they play enjoying themselves whether it’s Thusday in Fremantle or on a lineup supporting James Brown. There’s no worry about ‘making it’ the only trip they are concerned about for now is the one to the bar. I also overheard during their set, a businessman calling out ‘I want to buy your t-shirt’! Sounds like the b movies impressed someone tonight.

Residencies are a great way of build a following, and a fantastic way for a venue to get behind local music. With sets like the one tonight, soon pubs across Australia may well be calling for Kill Devil Hill residencies.

Live Review: Sic Squared @ Amplifier

Sic Squared Showcase

Friday 16th September
Review by Leo Abbs

Chaos Divine was the ‘true’ metal band on the lineup and also the newest. They put on an entertaining show early in the night to a healthy crowd. It’s obvious both guitarists are very talented with shredding skills galore. The vocalist has a strong voice and suitable stage presence, but should watch what he says between songs as there’s only a few times before the f word becomes plain annoying. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a metal band in this style so it was a breath of fresh metal air.

I didn’t catch much of Dyscord, but it was worth to see what the whole ‘are they are a nu-metal band or not’ argument was about. Stupid bollocks! Compared to say, chaos divine, they are more nu metal but they don’t sound like Korn (who I think are good). But who cares?

The singer has a huge growl behind him but needs to work on his clean vocals. The band though is ballsy and heavy and likable. They stood out the recent nbt comp heat when I saw them, where they were up against mainly pop/rock, but tonight alongside bands of a heavier nature tonight they weren’t up to the standard.

The big surprise tonight was Antistatic. Previous occasions they haven’t impressed me, they’ve sounded generic and boring. Maybe it’s Drew’s spunky new hair cut – but they just sounded fine, with some strong melodies and interesting guitar playing. Though what happened to the second guitarist they were getting? This set was the highlight of the gig for me.

Subtruck was the choice of headliners, as they have a strong following around town and are fantastic at what they do, but they seemed to play to the smallest crowd all night. I didn’t see much of their set due to fatigue, but take the words of one of their biggest fans, who tells me their set was ‘average’. However Subtruck do contain the goods so give them a go soon if you like loud rock.

Local Music News

Local News

2006 WAMIs
Deadline for submissions is Friday October 7, see for details or call 9227 7962 (1800 007 962 for regional WA).

The festival runs February 18 to 26.

National Campus Bands
The final is on Saturday October 15 at the Rosemount

The Preytells (UWA)
Disguise (UWA)
Rat In The Brain (UWA)
Flesh Of The Lotus (TAFE)
Streetlight (ECU)
Mechanism (Murdoch)
Insidium (Curtin)

Upcoming Cd Launches
Seraphim – September 23rd – Black Betty’s
Jayco Brothers – September 24th – Amplifer
Birds of Tokyo – October 7th – Amplifier
Josivac – October 8th – Rosemount
May Fled – October 8th – Swan Basement
Waeco – October 21st – Black Betty’s

New Venues
Bar Open – Northbridge – Wednesday Nights in September

This section will updated regularly so If you have any more music news email

Punter Profile: Mongoloid Dave

Punter Profile: Mongoloid Dave

This month we emailed a guy named Dave our punter profile questions. Dave is most known to music scene around Perth for making dvds, in particularly jed whitey. He has also contributed to the three orange whips dvd and has a webssite, which has rare videos and mp3s as well a gig tracker where he records every gig he goes to.

Dave seems to be a jed whitey fanatic. In fact he mentioned them in nearly every bloody question!

When did you first start going to see local perth bands?

Strangely enough, I started going to see Perth bands when I was living in Esperance! As part of the 1998 WAMIs Red Jezebel visited the town and played an all ages gig, and the next year the Three Orange Whips came and played a very memorable show in my high school gymnasium during lunchtime. The band swore lots in front of the school kids and Dan Durack went wild with his funky dancing.

When I finished High School at the end of 2000 I started flying to Perth on the weekends to play cricket in the WACA competition. While I was up here I started going to see a few all ages gigs. A particularly memorable one was a Jebediah/Magic Dirt/Sleepy Jackson show at the Grosvenor backroom. All of the bands were fantastic and I came out drenched in sweat from being in the massive Jebs mosh pit.

When I finally moved to Perth in about March 2001 I scored myself a fake ID and started going along to licensed gigs. My first one was Magic Dirt / Six Ft Hick / Jed Whitey at the Grosvenor backroom. The show was amazing and all of the bands blew me away. Myself and my best friend Duceman liked Jed Whitey so much that we started going to their shows regularly, and in the process we were introduced to a plethora of Perth bands – from Team Jedi and The Fergusons to the M16s and Subtruck!

Do you buy many local cds?

I buy quite a few and I’ve recently started scoring some for free as well. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is that the quality of local CDs has really shot up. When I first started listening to local CDs the production on them was often pretty sub-standard. The CDs sounded like demos rather than professional recordings. Nowadays most local CDs sound brilliant. Red Jezebel, Capital City and Subtruck are a few bands that have put out world-class sounding CDs in the last year or two.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?

I’m not employed in a professional capacity – I don’t manage bands or anything like that. However I am somewhat notorious for making home videos, DVDs and internet movies about Perth bands. A few bands such as Jed Whitey and the Three Orange Whips have ended up using some of my footage on their official releases.

I also have a website that I originally created to house videos of Perth bands. The URL of the site is I have been redesigning the site over the last few months and soon I will re launch it. The new site will feature lots of rare articles, videos, mp3s and memorabilia of Perth bands.

I can’t see myself getting more involved in the “music scene” than this, because I am a very organised person and I find most people in the Perth music scene to be extremely disorganised, and dealing with them drives me crazy.

Which venues do you like and why?

The Rosemount, Amplifier and Hydey are my favourites, because they are the closest ones to my house and I have seen lots of good gigs at those venues. The Hydey sucks if it’s packed and you’re not in the front couple of rows as you can’t see anything. However if you are in the front row and there’s an awesome rock show on it’s amazing.

Who are you favourite local bands and why?

A lot of my favourite local bands have either split up or moved over East! These include Jed Whitey, Three Orange Whips, Autopilot, Fourstroke, Capital City, Turnstyle, Ammonia, Cartman, Beaverloop, Klippspringer, The Fergusons and Chris Fuller’s bands (Anodyne 500 / Ikey Mo).

Of the current crop of Perth bands my favourites are easily The Fuzz and Subtruck. I also quite like the Volcanics, or at least I did like them until their singer whacked me over the head with his mic stand at the last gig of theirs that I went to. As a result I’m feeling a bit indifferent towards The Volcanics at the moment.

What is the best gig you’ve ever seen?

My best gig *ever* was Rammstein at the Big Day Out in 2001. Their stage show and pyrotechnics were unbelievable, and their music was cranking.

As for local gigs it’s hard to pick only one. I’d probably go for one of Jed Whitey’s gigs at the Hydey. Their farewell show when they dressed up as Norwegian black metal dudes was pretty fucking good.

What do you drink at gigs?

Beer. Generally Tooheys New. I hate bottled beer at gigs, and I am not fond of venues charging punters for water either.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on stage?

Most of the funny things I’ve seen on stage have involved either Jed Whitey or Sam Scherr from Capital City. I vaguely remember Sam playing a gig with one of his testicles accidentally exposed to the crowd which was very amusing. Jed Whitey at the 2003 WAMIs at the Rosemount were very funny.

There were some indie kids sitting on the ground in front of JW while they were playing. This may be ok for indie kids at indie gigs, but JW are a rock band and sitting on the ground in front of them while they’re pulling Spinal Tap-esque moves is not on. After endlessly ridiculing the indie kids and demanding that they stand up (to no avail), Luke Mk1 from JW went and a stole full jug of beer off the indie kids and also snatched a diary off one of them.

Luke then started reading the diary to the crowd, pulling the piss out of its author the whole time. Also, being a WAMI gig the whole point of it was to promote WA music. However throughout their set JW urged punters to leave and go and support Victorian music at the Amplifier Bar, where later that night Jed Whitey were playing with the Casanovas.

Another funny show I recall was a Sex at Gunpoint gig at the Hydey. Some rowdy indigenous members of the crowd stormed the “stage” mid set and stole the singer’s microphone. They refused to give it back until they’d been allowed to sing a number of songs with the band. At the same gig the singer from Sex at Gunpoint leapt behind the Hydey bar mid-song and started drinking beer out of the tap!

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?

A couple of bands to look out for are Insidium, who are an interesting, vaguely stoner rock band, and Chaos Divine who are a brutal metal band. Oh, and stay away from the Freudian Slips because they’re fucken boring. I’ve also recently discovered ZX Specky’s new CDs, “Pseudo-Intellectual Pop For Retards” and “Pass the Coopers / Pass the Goon” and they’re both really good.