Tour Diary: The Panda Band

Saturday October 8th
Rufus says:

We are currently in Manchester. We played our first gig aweek ago as part of the Australian showcase for ‘In The City’. It was an awesome night andthe place was packed. I really enjoyed the morning after girls and thought bobby blackbird and the bluejays were cool aswell.

We played a show in Leeds on thursday night supporting a band called ‘Proud Mary’ who are fromManchester. They sound like Oasis and i think are on Noel Gallaghers’ label. They are pretty good and we have two more shows with them, one in Wales. and one in Liverpool.

Today Us Panda’s are going to watch the England vs Austria game at Old Trafford in Manchester. we can’t wait. England Pretty much have to win to stay in the Qualifying rounds for the World cup.

Cool… well i will be off then… get a few lagers in to me before the match!


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