CD Review: Josivac – If I Tell You A Story…

Josivac ‘If I tell you a story’
Review by Leo Abbs

After seeing Josivac play many times in the past few years, I was curious to see if their debut album ‘If I tell you a story’ was going to meet the usual standards that I have expected from the band.. Fortunately they have.

The album is a step up from their previous release, the Too Cold Ep. While that was more the sound of an acoustic band, the new disc finds them branching out to other genres. From pop tunes like ‘accident’ to the roots type material of ‘get up’ to the stripped back sounds of ‘Over You’ this is a release with a lot of variation. Having 2 singers also gives it more diversity on the vocal front. Novac comes off best when belting it out while Jodie sounds better when singing the softer, acoustic mellow material.

The lyrics make this album. The fact they can take a different approach to the usual ‘break up’ topic and also write beautiful, honest songs about friends (see‘my friend’ and Sara’) makes it an enjoyable album to sing along to and also one to soothe the bad days. The artwork with simple sketches beside each lyric is also very well done.

Sure, as any album goes there are weaknesses. The opening riff to ‘get up’ sounds like the guitarist Simon, is running through a scale and has a hit a bum note – and the vocals from Jodie occasionally don’t seem up to scratch (for example – good morning) but small faults aside this is a beautiful release.


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