Live Review: Steve Parkin @ Rosemount

Steve Parkin and The Foreign Films
Rosemount Hotel
Saturday 22nd October 2005
Review and Photography by Dylan McArdle

On Saturday night I was lucky to witness a “special performance” from STEVE PARKIN and 3/5ths of The Foreign Films. Due to “unforeseen circumstances” there was no bass player or drummer. Instead we were “left” with Steve Parkin and Hugh Jennings on acoustic guitars and Glenn Young on electric guitar. The guys sat on stools on stage and so did most of the small number of punters at The Rosemount.

No bass or drums but never fear as an awesome yet intimate set was about to unfold. Steve compensated for the lack of instruments by putting 110% into his vocals. There seemed to be more “emphasis” on the words as opposed to on the CD. He played most of the best bits of Sandytown, including “The Maths”, “No Wonder You’re A Star”, “Picture of a Boy and A Girl” (which sounded really good) and (my favourite) “Goodbye Sandy”. It was quite lucky that no-one caught this reviewer singing along to some of these tracks from the bar.

Always the showman, Steve (and Hugh too) traded banter with some familiar faces in the crowd in between songs. After Glenn starting to play “House of the Rising Sun” by request, the trio decided a Beatles cover would be the way to go. A crowd suggestion of “Don’t Let Me Down” was sung in true fashion to the original to round a special set out.


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