Live Review: The Floors cd launch

The Floors Cd Launch
Swan Basement
Thursday 20 October 2005
Review by Leo Abbs

Having your cd launch on a Thursday night is not the usual way to celebrate a release. It seemed bizarre to me but when I asked Rachel the Floors’ manager, she mentioned that industry people were more likely to come if there was little or no other gigs on, hence the reason for the choice of night. I’m not sure how many industry folk turned up but tonight there was a healthy crowd for the band.

The Floors also took the unusual step of not headlining the night, which kind of makes sense when it’s a weeknight. When they started the band took no time in getting into it, in fact the bass player appeared to be trying too hard to rock out.

The band had a varied sound at times, sometimes kind of 60’s blues rock, other times they would lean to a mixture of punk and rock’n’roll and other times they experimented giving the impression they were a progressive rock band. Lead by a top guitarist, the band definitely showed they could write and play catchy rock songs with kick ass solos – but they sounded better when they weren’t trying to be tricky and different.

While they put on an entertaining live show, they need to go out about their business rather than trying too much to get the crowd to dance. It’s hard to want to dance to music you don’t know – so until you’ve got a well-established release out, people aren’t likely to want to dance.

Quote of the night was: ‘We hate jazz. Self Indulgent Bullshit,’ which sounded a little ironic to me as it was said in the middle of a long period of improvisation.

With this there being only their second EP, I believe if they concentrate on writing a bucket load of songs they will deliver a solid album in the next year or two. If not they’ll have an interesting live show but without the important ingredient; A strong set of songs.


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