Interview: Anton (Petanque)

Anton from Petanque
Interview by Leo Abbs

How long have petanque been around for?
There is evidence in the geologic table of Petanque being around during the Middle-Cambrian Period, along with the first invertebrate sea life. This evidence may be based souly on my own perception of time, and is perhaps a little exagerated. A more likely figure is 6 years.

How did the band get together?
I used a combination of pleading, flattery, cajoling, sweet talk, outrageously unrealistic promises and chocolate biscuits.

How do you take criticism of your music?

Where is your favourite place to play gigs?
Within the Rococo splendor of The Hyde Park.

Do you prefer playing live or recording?
If the performance was good, I prefer playing live. If the performance was a stinker, I would prefer to spend a week doing laps in the Mt Claremont Effluent Pond.

Are there any bands that all members of petanque like?
You know, I’ve never asked them, but I’m doubtful…

When did you first start playing guitar and singing?

In Year 10 I bought a cheap accoustic guitar, and I remember shortly thereafter my Mum saying “Ooh Anton, will you stop making that terrible noise” – the noise being me trying to sing along with my guitar, which I couldn’t play.

What are your musical ambitions?
To have “The Theme From Petanque (AKA The Iced Vovo)” bought for use in a beer, coffee or luxury car television advertisement.

Do you use the internet to promote the band? If so, how?

Aside from cultivating an online personality on a certain internet forum as a vehicle for spruiking up coming gigs (which in marketing terms has been negligible at best) , I’m afraid I have been fairly remiss in such affairs. I’m thinking of starting a “Myspace” page. Do you think that might help?

What is planned for the next six months for petanque?
We are currently recording an album with Roly Skender which is all very exciting.

It’s in the pipeline. Does that sound glib?

Upcoming gigs? insert here.
Ah yes, I must get onto that…


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