Interview: 3 Degrees of Separation

3 Degrees of Separation
Interview by Susan Clark

Before the Pitstop Music Festival at Fairbridge, Perthsounds writer Susan Clark caught up with the boys from 3 Degrees of Separation, one of the local acts on this Friday’s lineup.

The 3 piece have been jamming together for a number of years (kind of unavoidable as they’re brothers), though they’ve just recently decided to get serious. And it seems to be paying dividends for them, everything is falling into place.

A demo, Habytual, was released a few months back, 11 originals of blue grass metal on rock steroids. As a result, gigs are being thrown at them and their open rehearsals turn into free gigs with several hundred fans converging on their lonely little warehouse in one of Mandurah’s many light industrial areas.

3 Degrees of Separation are metal, and live as hard as they play. The Micholowsky brothers, Tuck (guitar and vocals), Rob (bass) and Dan (drums) inject all their madness into their music.

They’re self proclaimed ferals and vagrants, with many a fine story of subsistence living and close scrapes from the law. My favourite story was when the brothers Tuck and Rob were run out of their squat under a bridge by the sergeant (some question involving a brother and the sergeant’s daughter). They decided on a whim to go to Adelaide, but sold their unlicenced car whilst halfway across the Nullarbor Plain, and then walked the rest of the way. Rob said the weeks of searing heat and sun and lack of water ‘fried our brains’. No arguement here. 🙂

Much of the madness of their lives is inherent in their music- it’s fast, it’s hard, and tinged with a little of the Micholowsky madness.

The band has high hopes of soon recording and releasing their first studio album.

3 Degrees of Separation are first up on the bill at the Pitstop Music Festival, this Friday from 3:30pm at Fairbridge. Others on the bill include Cog, Gyroscope, The Butterfly Effect, The Fuzz and Red Jezebel (plus more). Tickets are cheap, there’s free camping and lots of mayhem to be had.


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