Cd Review – May Fled

May Fled – Self Titled EP
Review by Rohan Hewson

1. Understand
2. Madness
3. Never
4. Cold Comes In
5. Round the Bend
6. Philosofree

This CD by local three piece May Fled is about halfway between an EP and a demo. It has cover art, but it was home recorded on a CD-R without a label; therefore the CD didn’t sound as good as they could have, due to the low recording quality. The songs themselves are pretty similar, being fairly slow guitar rock songs. ‘Understand’ and ‘Never’ were quite good, but other tracks could have been much shorter, in particular ‘Cold Comes In’, which drags on for almost six minutes while not being particularly interesting. Mayfled could make a really good CD, if they got it recorded in a proper studio and trimmed down some of their songs to below the five-minute mark.



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