Cd Review: Homocides

Homocides – Give Some More…Cd
Blazing Strumpet Records
Review by Leo Abbs

I tend to hate punk music. I generally dislike the singing, and usually find the guitar playing pretty average and the songs short, fast and uninteresting. So when I got sent the homocides cd I went ‘meh’ and added it to my pile of cds that will be reviewed one day.

One day I decided to give it a go. After all, short cds take less time to listen to and review. As I listened to it, it appeared very raw and rock’n’roll, (as opposed to just a punk sound) a bit of which I don’t mind

Starting with the song that the ‘press release’ recommended listening to – ‘Lipstick’. While the verse was nothing special, the chorus was memorable and catchy
‘I can tell by your lipstick,
I can tell your lipstick
you’ve been fucking up,
fucking around’

(Please excuse me, if they aren’t the exact words.)

Elsewhere on the disc, ‘I’m on drugs’ standout merely for the fact it’s not just a flat out assault, as the vocals come across warped – obviously to reflect that drugged out feeling. Also,‘red room’ (apparently a tale about the band room at the Hydey?), comes across as one of the better tracks.

Overall, The Homicides is the kind of group if you stumbled across them playing live at a pub, you’d probably enjoy it, in the right frame of mood, but this cd didn’t quite meet the ‘would I buy this?’ standard for me.


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