Cd Review: Dusk

Dusk – Fragile Escape/ Butterflies EP
Review by Leo Abbs

The debut EP from dusk is a close reflection of the current Blues’n’Roots sound. Which is both a positive and negative. The songs are well written, but seem to be too familiar, not straying too far from the style. Each track is helped by the variety of extra instruments with lap steel guitar, harmonica and trumpet, changing from song to song. Overall the playing on the cd is of a decent quality.

A highlight of the 5 track EP is the second song ‘butterflies’ one of the two lead tracks of the disc (which comes across more as a double A side). However the chorus seems to lack the punch it could have, leaving the track to fall short of being a great single, and instead, just sounding nice. Which is a common theme throughout the disc.

One point the band puts across well is a love of the genre. There’s no particular artist that you could compare dusk to, but at the same time, it’s a recording of a band that hasn’t quite found it’s own unique sound yet. With more influences in the music and some hard work, Dusk could well reach their potential and produce something of a higher level.


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