CD Review: Birds of Tokyo

Birds of Tokyo – Stay/One Way (single)
Review by Leo Abbs

When I reviewed the Birds of Tokyo EP last year I concluded by saying that they were either going to take their songs to the next level or turn really bland.

Now some would disagree, but I believe this taken to a higher level of songwriting compared to their previous release. It opens with ‘One Way’ and even though you’re perhaps confused what one way is about (it’s a love song) and the guitar might make you yawn if you’re a dream theater fan, the vocals and melodies carry this tune well.

The problem with double A sides, is that one is always better. In this case ‘Stay’ is the stronger of the two. This easily could find itself on commercial radio and stay (boom tish) there for a long time.

The final track is one of those acoustic tunes that will mostly like turn up on the album anyway in electric mode, but for now it’s a soppy tune about a relationship falling to bits. Still it’s a good one. Rose is the name of the person, not what Kenny is giving someone, right?

All in all, this is a quality release.


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