New Band Profile:Solarii

Band Name: Solarii (so-la-ree)

Band Members:
Ben Stout: Vocals, Guitars
Greg Turner : Drums
Kevin O’Sullivan: Bass


Including (but by no means limited to:)
The Tea Party, Tool, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, Silverchair, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins


A bit hard to pigeon hole us, but somewhere at extremes within the realm of Alternative /Rock /Acoustic / Folk/Prog…

Where does your band name come from?
The concept of the name is based around our sun (which actually has the astronomical name “Sol”) as a kind of metaphor for music as a whole, as a source of creation/creativity and energy/emotion… (and we just thought the “double i” thing was cool… hehe)

Upcoming gigs:
Saturday 10th June – The Coolbellup Hotel ( w/ Love In An Ambulance, Ura, TBC – Doors open 8pm, free entry)

18th June – Swan Basement ( w/ Cypher, Broken April, Milkless Fridge – Doors open 6pm, $6 entry)

Friday 4th August – Swan Basement (details TBC)

Wednesday 16th August – Rosemount Hotel ( w/ Screwtop Detonators, The Bullet Holes, Eve’s Arrival – Doors open 8pm, $4 entry)

Thursday 17th August – Mojo’s Bar (w/ Love In An Ambulance, Nix, Eve’s Arrival, further details TBC)
(under construction)


Contact Details:

Postal: PO Box 857, Fremantle WA 6959
Mb: 0408902543 (Greg)

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