Cd Review: Bob Evans – Suburban Songbook

Bob Evans – Suburban Songbook
Review by Leo Abbs

Nowadays industry people are concerned about the effects of downloading music and burning cds, but the truth is people are discovering music they otherwise would have surpassed. Now, I’ve seen jebediah play a zillion shows and own all their albums, but Bob Evans appeared to be another boring acoustic performer (you know what I mean – when you’re at a pub, the solo acts don’t get your attention, do they?).

Anyway, a friend burnt me a copy of Bob’s first record ‘Suburban Kid’ and I fell in love with the album, in particular ‘Today’, ‘Turn’ and ‘Stevie’s Song’, so when it came for the new album ‘Suburban Songbook’ to be released, I bought it in eager anticipation.

Now, when you read reviews you don’t always hear how many times the writer has listened to the album. I’ve had it for a month and it’s already starting to sit more in the cd boxes than in the stereo. It’s a shame because the single ‘Don’t You Think It’s Time’ was awesome. I really like the personal nature of the lyrics, but when they’re all about one topic, love, it gets annoying. The production’s better than the last record but that doesn’t make an album, does it?

There’s a few other highlights ‘sadness and whiskey’ and the optimistic ‘Coming Around’ but overall there’s way too many songs about his girlfriend. While we are critiquing, fuck the trumpet off, and Bob, it’s nice you wrote a song on the piano, but I’d prefer you stick to guitar.

In this case it’s best summed in this way: As I went to type up the draft of the review, I mistyped the title and came with ‘suburban snogbook’.


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