Review by Rohan Hewson

Razorlily are a band centred around singer Kate Andrews, who seems to write lyrics exclusively about love or the lack thereof (don’t worry, they’re pretty good). Musically, they sound quite a bit like Halogen; the music is mostly quite intense guitar driven rock, such as the songs ‘Comfort Is Where You Find It’ and ‘Frozen’, with a few quiet piano-led songs in the mix. The album sounds a touch generic – it sorta floats by until halfway through the second last track, with a long instrumental rock-out ending, and the last song, ‘Fugitive Pieces’, is simply a acoustic guitar and vocals. That said, it’s safe enough to appeal to people with more commercial tastes, while still being pretty good. Some CD’s I review end up being used as beer coasters or frisbees, but I can see myself listening to this one again.

**** – 4 stars


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