Cd Review – The Floors

The Floors – Borrowed
Review by Leo Abbs

I love Free stuff. However, there’s usually a reason it’s free. It’s normally rubbish.

This however is fucking tops. I won it in a RTR competition this morning, and technically it’s not free, it’s for sale as a release, but look don’t spoil my story. I’m not trying to make it into the Dictionary of Bullshit.

There’s something very likable about this cd, you gotta give them points for pushing the boundaries just enough to keep you interested. There’s enough familiarity here to not scare the fussy people off, there’s enough weirdness to interest the elitists, and enough wankery to please those who like their guitar solos.

I’ve only listened to it once this evening, but I just want to tell the world that this band is up there…up where, I don’t know, but way above the usual pieces of shit you see on band nights at places like the bog (get it? bog, shit..). These guys aren’t huge in Perth, but they’ve been touring their asses over east, so while they are here, go see them. I’ll probably be standing beside you.

Though I wonder if i say their name is shit, will they tell me to fuck off?


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