Cd review – The Violet Flames

THE VIOLET FLAMES – s/t single
Review by Rohan Hewson

1. Take It Away
2. Smile Again
3. Neon Lights

No, not Femmes, Flames; I wondered that too when I picked this CD up to put it in my player. The first and last songs are punchy garage rock with maybe three chords, and the middle one is the token ballad with fairly uninspired lyrics.

This reminds me of the B-sides of an Androids single I bought years ago. Remember them? This could be the Vines, Jet… anybody. It’s played well enough, but nothing you haven’t heard before. It’s the soundtrack to a boozy Thursday night out at the Hydey, derailed by the same guitar line being repeated 8 or 16 times in a row. As soon as this CD finished playing, I tried to remember what the first song sounded like. I couldn’t.


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