Interview: Snowman

Joe from Snowman
Interview by Leo Abbs

Introduce your band to the perthsounds public in one paragraph or more?
a dreamscape. Shards of glass blended with thick smokeyness….washy reverb drenched noise….manic yet miserable….hyberbollic warped stories of moments in our lives mashed together and pumped with acid….dark rythmic
mayhem perhaps?

You’ve been together for how long now? What is the best gig you’ve played? and the worst?
been together for 3 years.

It is hard to pinpoint the best and worst…there are certainly more memorable shows than others…we have had brawls breakout, we have played to 3000 people plus and then played to less thanfive within days of eachother. we have played dingey pubs in the middle of the desert to drunken miners, one of which glassed a man in the face and was arrested shortly after. We have also had the privelage of playing rather large venues with overseas acts.

The most memorable stage experience i have had personally was before Snowman existed. The first live performance that myself and Andy (vocals/guitar in snowman) ever played was for our school band in front of five hundred students and teachers. We went to a very strict religious school with rather warped beliefs…we were youngteenagers at the time and played noisey experimental trash music with filthy language. A smallscale riot started amongst the students when we were unplugged by the teachers. Andy was asked to leave the school that day for smashing a school guitar against a pole and inciting violence.

Of course, the big event is you are releasing an album. how was the >recording process?
It was satisfying…we recorded the album with dave Parkin at Blackbird studios in perth. we basically tried our very best to capture our live >sound and manic energy on record…we then went back and added layers of >noise and ambience and experiments with toys and instruments….dave encouraged us and was kind enough to allow us to push ourselves as far as

What are the songs like on the disc, compared to the mini disc?
Better…in a nutshell. There are far more colours and sounds and directions. The lyrics are far more personal and honest…the songs come from a far more interesting place. they cover more ground than the ep and the songs have more depth….basically there is no comparison.

What is your favourite song/s there and why?
>I am most proud of the more recent songs from the album…Smoke and>Mirrors, red River, The Black Tide, The Curse. These songs come from a very>real place and a very personal place. I get the most enjoyment from these>songs. It is rather difficult to listen to songs that youve written and>performed a million time sand recorded and heard a million times…the>songs tend to lose any relevance to you….they are only really the writers>song in the early stages (the writing) once the song has been released or>performed to an audience it is public property and is no longer a personal>thing…it is more of a window for the public/audience to perve on the>headspace of an artist.>>>

What do you plan to do after it’s released? Any plans to tour crazy places?
>yes..we will tour the country a few times first…then there are plans for>international touring mid next year. Hopefully we will travel to all>corners of the globe and confuse as many people as possible…>>>

You guys are rockstars? Do you have day jobs or music a full time gig?>
We don’t see ourselves as rockstars at all. We all have jobs to keep money>coming in..we are all living off the skin of our teeth….i teach guitar>and live off the dole….ross works in a factory….andy works in an office>for civil engineering firm and olga works in a cafe…the money doesnt give>us a cent…the band can barely afford to keep itself a float..there is a>general misconception amongst the public that bands lead a glamorous and>wealthy life….it is completely wrong…we are sleeping in hall ways and>eating very little. We are still writing music because it is an addiction>we must feed…not too different from a junkie i imagine.>>>

Going back to the start, tell me aboout your first experience as a>guitarist?>
The first performance i ever playedin front of an audience was for mys>shcool band…we played ‘Church on fire’ …i was 14 and going through all>sorts of hormonal changes…i was insanely nervous…i was to play a guitar>solo in the song…as i was approaching the solo i was even more nervous>until i literally hadf an orgasm on stage…for some reason my mind and>bodys reaction was to have an orgasm…from that day on i decided i was>born for rock’n’roll.>>>

Now, convince the perth public to buy your cd…why should they?
The perth public can do whatever they wish. It aint up to me whther they buyour record or not.

The Snowman self titled album is Out Sat Sept 23.


Happy Birthday Gavin!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The long time local music fan and guitarist for walk-in dolphin celebrates his birthday today.

Perth Sounds wish you all the best Gav, and we hope that you have a great day!

‘You’re my friend
Your smile lights up the room’

Live Review: Trees without Knees last show

Trees Without Knees, Burgers Of Beef, ZX Specky, The Doozers
Thursday 24th August 2006
Review by Rohan Hewson

Lamefest: it was billed as a celebration of all things lame, and when it became known that the Trees Without Knees were breaking up, it became their farewell gig too. Well, in the spirit of lameness, I wore a colour-blind outfit to Mojo’s, and then managed to completely miss the Doozers… hey, sorry for being LAME, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

ZX Specky play the kind of straight up punk Frenzal Rhomb don’t have the balls to any more… the highlight was probably the song ‘Morning Birds Fuck Off!’, which anyone in the crowd who’d ever experienced a monster hangover or drinking session could relate to. Oh, and their drummer played shirtless.

The Burgers of Beef played a pretty bog standard set. Of course, for the Burgers, ‘bog standard’ meant I was grinning like a loon by the end of the set… songs about the tooth fairy or vengeful DJ’s will do that. They can always be relied upon to brighten up a gig, even though frontman Chad was just about passing out from what he described as bird flu. At least he made it to the end of the set… that’s all that matters.

Trees Without Knees played their last set to about 20 people, and missing a guitarist. It’s always a shame seeing a perfectly good band split up, and doubly so when they play to an empty house. Most of the crowd were their friends, though. They didn’t go out with as much of a bang as they could have, due to playing as a three piece; however, they still got a decent round of applause for each song… that’s what friends are for.

Their music could be described as quirky alt-rock, influenced by bands like Pavement and the Fauves, changing tempo or key up to half a dozen times per song. They played some songs off their recent EP ‘Let Me Tell You A Tale’, and also some older material, notably ‘Trench Life’. I’d never heard the song before, but some of their mates (half of Roleystone, from what I heard) kept on calling out for it. They eventually played it last, and singer Andrew invited half the crowd up on stage to sing it… instead of him.

Naturally they were all so boozed they couldn’t tell one end of a microphone from the other, and it ended up sounding rather messy. I’m sure they thought it was special though, and that is what it’s all about. And they recorded a decent CD, which is more than many bands in Perth better than them ever get to do. Adios, Trees Without Knees… you will be missed.

Cd Launch: Mercurial

Mercurial Release Latest Recording –

Starting as a project envisioned by Brent Tunbridge several years ago,
Mercurial has slowly expanded to become one of the most unqiue and
refeshingly individual sounding bands in WA. The band release their latest
recording “August Design” on September 1st with The meaning of, tragic
delicate, seventyfive laydown and nix in support.

Beginning as solely Brent and his computer, Mercurial now includes James on
keyboards, Aaron on guitars, Sarge on bass, John on drums, with Brent taking
vocal and guitar duties. A focal point of a great many influences ranging
from Nine Inch Nails, The Tea Party and Deftones to A Perfect Circle,
Depeche Mode and Massive Attack,

Mercurial’s sound is difficult to pin down. At times heavy and at times dark
and moody, Mercurial’s songs traverse a soundscape as diverse as the
influences of the individuals who comprise the group.Mercurial follow no
trends, and with a stage show as quietly intense as their songs, the stages
of the city of Perth, and indeed the rest of Australia, should be prepared
or this band who are well prepared to forge new ground and lead the
alternative music scene into a grand new age when music and musicianship are
first priority and genre boundaries are comfortably blurred.

Mercurial’s CD launch is on September 1st @ Amplifier Bar, Doors open at
8pm, Entry $10 or $18 with the album. For more info check out – or

Random Cacti Promotions

Roy Zomerdyk // Lee Mayrene
0430 001 928 // 0408 950 075

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