Interview: 75 Laydown

NBT Finalists
Seventy Five Laydown

1. Please state bands names and positions.
Kris Harrison- Guitar and Vocals
Lee Mayrene- Bass
Barry King of Rock and Roll- Drums

2. Describe your band’s sound.
Well Xpress Magazine says its like fist to jaw rock and roll, and I’ve been told its like if metal and country got drunk on bourbon and had a child… we would be the sound it would make.

3. What do you think got 75 Laydown to this point in the competition?
Well the thing we like to do, and do well, is entertain. Our songs punch you in the face and our stage show is far from boring. And the thing most Perth bands tend to forget about is the crowd interaction, and we love to have an abundance of it in our show. So perhaps just being different to the other bands in the comp in these aspects made us stand out as possible Grand Final contenders.

4. Competitions can be nasty affairs, with all kinds of controversy and such. Have you seen anything controversial at the gigs?
I’ve seen bands bitch about where they were placed and act like spoilt children, there have been judges who I have felt were not acting professionally, we’ve almost been disqualified to keep the NBTs sponsors happy…. The list really does go on and on… But in all honesty I’ve been loving all of it, perhaps I get a twisted kick out of people getting their knickers in a twist over things that are seriously unimportant. More than anything, any controversy I’ve witnessed has amused me rather than pissed me off.

5. Which Perth band do you want to collaborate with most?
Jeez there are so many… I don’t know whether they would suit our style though, but I do have a lot of good friends in Perth bands who are ever supporting and encouraging us which makes me fuzzy on the inside. As for collaboration I really have no ideas who I would choose.

6. Could your band survive together on a long tour?
I think I would come close to killing Kris the Cowboy, and I’d say Barry might be driven insane. But Kris and I already live together… and we see Barry at least twice a week so I think we are all pretty used to the good and the bad aspects that we all have. But touring would be incredible. We are trying to line up just a weekend tour down south in the coming months… So maybe I’ll get back to you with the result then?? Haha.

7. Do you have enemies in this comp? Who?
I’ve had words with a couple of the bands that feel the need to bring us down a couple of pegs. But that’s usually people who don’t understand we are just having a bit of fun and giving the band a “love to hate” kind of persona that’s fun to rock to, some people take themselves way too seriously and that’s where all the troubles begin. And in the end it’s a competition… and we were competing… And when bands say “oh its just about the rock” well really… that’s a load of shit when you spend the time, effort and money on entering a competition… Of course you want people to watch you and praise you… and the free shit would be killer too!! But yeah… Fear of Comedy were particularly nasty when they took Kris joking the wrong way… Ironic if you read the meaning behind their name. And Mink Mussel Creek haven’t appreciated any of my comments relating to their band or their behaviour that I have made… But both these situations I could care less about because people really just have to relax… If they cant handle jokes or opinions they are going to find it much harder down the road if they are lucky enough to have more people paying attention to their bands.

8. Any thoughts on where will you end up placing?
Well we though we had a crack at the top three… But in reality it is an opinion based judging system so it was really up to the judges on the night. But just cracking the top seven out of 166 bands who entered was beyond awesome and I have personally never played in front of so many punters and industry folk before in my life so that was incredible anyway, win or lose, we gained more in 6 weeks than we have over the last year together because of this competition

9. The best thing about playing in this band is…
It is absolutely awesomely fun to be in… I mean, we put a shit load of work in our jam sessions and we work out or stage show and song order so we give the audience the best we can… And when I get up on stage suddenly I’m not nervous anymore because I can be the bassist from 75 and that’s different to the Lee I am in every day life. So it really lets me express another side of me I would never be able to without this band. And just being pushed by my boys to get better and faster and louder and crazier allows me to better myself really quickly too!!

Interview by Graham Knapp


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