Interview: Sinking Citizenship

John Forbes from Sinking Citizenship
Interview by Leo Abbs

Your myspace site doesn’t tell me your influences. So where does the sinking citizenship sound come from?
I the early days there were distinct differences between the three of our influences, Kristian the singer/ guitarist was influenced by the early eighties bands such as the Birthday Party and Joy Division, I (bass) was into my Chicago styled rock with bands
like the Jesus Lizard and Big Black, and Matt (drums) basically liked good music- he was the only one of us to really dabble in the electro scene and he liked everything in between.

At the risk of sounding literally like a wanker I would have to say our biggest influence
these days is ourselves ,because we’ve kind of struck on a sound that manages to capture all of our influences, but now our main inspiration is to expand on it and take it into different directions.

Which band gives you the shits and why?
To be brutally honest I think just about every band gives us the shits. I know it’s almost becoming a cliche these days but there is a real lack of bands taking risks with their sound, even in the underground. I don’t know what comes first, whether it’s the bands being scared of not pulling the crowds or the people not actually wanting to hear anything different, but either way it kind of makes things pretty bland. Having said that I’m sure there are lots of wonderful bands out there, it’s just I’m too lazy to search them out.

You guys are from melbourne, does the sport obsession get to you or are you a sports nut too?

I kind of like the way in Melbourne it’s alright to like sport and art at the same time, but I personally don’t give a rat’s arse about sport.

What makes you keep going as a band?
A combination of love for the music, a complete inability to contribute anything even remotely useful to the greater comminity, and an inabilty to socially function with anyone else.

How and why did this WA tour come about?
Some friends of ours came for a tour over here last year and had a really good time. We also actually all come from Perth so it was a nice opportunity for a free feed from our parents.

What’s the meaning behind the album title ‘delete then repeat’?
When ever I get asked this question I struggle to refrain from saying “whatever the hell you want it to mean”. Given the times I have tried answering it properly, I have failed miserably, so I might just leave it at that.

Who are your favourite WA bands and why?
The Scientists because they come from a slightly more dangerous time for Aussie rock. Wormfarm because no one will remember them and I don’t either because I only ever saw them when I was very drunk. The Gutterville Splendour Six because they moved over to Melbourne and became the Drones who I quite like. Snowman seemed pretty cool when I saw them too.

Have you been to Perth before? If so where are your favourite places?
Me mum and dads house because there’s free food. Karakatta cemetery,Cockburn, and the Vincent st entrance to the Mitchell freeway.

You seem to have a lot of top five lists. Have you seen ‘high fidelity’ and if so, who’s your favourite character?
The Jack Black character because it’s a lot of fun to be outrageously opinionated on your music preference.
Tell us why we should come to the gig.
Because if you play your cards right, you might be able to come back to my house and I’ll get me mum to make some free food.

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