New Band Profile for August – Chelsea Lights

Band Name: Chelsea Lights

Band Members: Matt Douglas (Vocals) Benjamin Dylan (Guitar) Paul Evans (Bass/Piano) Dave Fiora (Drums)

Influences: no defining one… R.E.M., Death Cab For Cutie, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, The Cure, Whiskeytown, U2, Snow Patrol, Shins, Travis, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Stars.

Favourite Perth bands: The Avenues, The Preytells, Eskimo Joe, Shakedown, The Colors

Style: Have quite a bit of variety between our songs but we guess everything falls under the general umbrella of a big/sparse melodic pop/rock sound. We try to be as passionate and honest with our songs and transfer that onto the stage.

Where does your band name from: C’mon we need to maintain some kind of mystery… : )

Upcoming gigs: Gigantic single launch at the Newport on Sunday August 6th with Faith In Plastics and Sugar Army. Doors open 6pm and entry is Free! launch party at Swan Basement on Saturday August 19th with Grand Central, Razorlily and Blackmilk.


MP3s: 4 demos can be downloaded from our myspace. The songs have evolved quite a bit since then (as will be heard on our EP due to be released later this year) but give a good general idea.

Contact Details: We love getting feedback and thoughts so leave us a comment or message on myspace. For bookings contact Ben at or 0408-909-2


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